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Petit Brabançon


Also known as the "Brussels Griffon" or "Belgian Griffon", the Petit Brabançon originates from Belgium and has a long history. The breed originated in the 19th century when breeders crossed the Brabant Coachman Dog with the Affenpinscher. This resulted in a small dog with a strong personality and a unique appearance.

The Petit Brabançon quickly became popular with the aristocracy in Belgium and France because of its charming appearance and friendly disposition. The breed was also used to catch rats and mice in coachmen's stables and for hunting.


The Petit Brabançon is a small dog with a big character. They are intelligent, lively and have a strong sense of self. They are devoted to their owners and can be very affectionate, but can also be independent and headstrong at times.


The Petit Brabançon dog breed is generally healthy with no known serious health problems. However, it is important to ensure that they get enough exercise and have a balanced diet to prevent obesity. As with all dogs, it is also important to visit the vet regularly for checkups and vaccinations.


The care of the Petit Brabançon is quite simple. Their short, smooth coat doesn't require much grooming, but they do need regular brushing to remove dead hair. It is also important to keep their eyes, ears and teeth clean to prevent infections. It is recommended to trim their nails regularly as otherwise they can become too long and cause discomfort when walking.

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