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Perdigueiro Portuguese


The Perdigueiro Português is an old dog breed, originating from Portugal. His name literally means "Portuguese partridge dog". These dogs were traditionally used for hunting partridges, but also for hunting other fowl and even rabbits. The breed originated in the 17th century and is a cross between local Portuguese dogs and Spanish dog breeds.


The Perdigueiro Português is an intelligent, energetic and cheerful dog. He is very loyal to his owners and has a strong bond with his family. This breed also has a good nose and is therefore an excellent hunting dog. The Perdigueiro Português needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.


When it comes to health, the Perdigueiro Português is known as a strong and robust breed. Most Perdigueiros have a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years and generally have few health problems.


The Perdigueiro Português is a medium-sized dog that can grow to about 50-60cm in height and weigh between 16-27kg. It is a robust and athletic dog that needs plenty of exercise and thrives with active owners.

The coat of the Perdigueiro Português is short and thick, and does not require much grooming. A weekly brushing is sufficient to remove loose hair and keep the coat shiny.

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