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Dutch Schapendoes


The Dutch Schapendoes is an ancient breed that has been known since the Middle Ages. They were originally bred to help herd sheep in the moorlands of the Netherlands. Due to their smart and willful nature, they were well able to keep the sheep together and protect them from predators.

During the Second World War, the survival of the Dutch Schapendoes was in danger. Fortunately, the breed was revived after the war by a group of enthusiastic breeders. Since then, the popularity of the Dutch Schapendoes has grown steadily.


The Dutch Schapendoes is known for its lively and playful character. They are intelligent and have a great sense of humor. This makes them not only great companion dogs, but also good working dogs.

Because the Dutch Schapendoes is naturally used to living in a group, they are generally friendly towards other dogs and people. They are vigilant and will protect their owners if necessary.


In general, the Dutch Schapendoes is a healthy breed. However, there are a number of hereditary disorders, such as hip dysplasia and eye disorders. It is therefore important to have the parents tested for these disorders before breeding.

In addition, Dutch Schapendoezen regularly suffer from gastrointestinal problems. It is therefore important to feed them well and regularly and not to give them too many snacks.


The Dutch Schapendoes has a thick, woolly coat that needs to be brushed regularly to prevent tangles. Once a year, the coat should be trimmed completely to prevent the dog from overheating in the summer.

Because the Dutch Schapendoes is naturally used to moving a lot, they need a lot of exercise. It is therefore important to let them out daily and to give them enough toys to keep them busy.

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