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The Keeshond, also called the Wolfspitz, is an originally German dog breed. The breed was bred as early as the 17th century and was then mainly used as a watchdog on ships and farms. Later, the Keeshond also increasingly became a companion dog. The breed is best known in the Netherlands, where the breed is very popular.


The Keeshond is known for its cheerful, playful character. The breed is very intelligent and eager to learn, making it easy to train. Keeshonden are very loyal to their owners and like to be around people. The breed is also very vigilant and will protect its owner if necessary. The Keeshond can sometimes be a bit stubborn and therefore needs an owner who is consistent and clear in education.


In general, the Keeshond is a healthy breed. However, it can happen that Keeshonden suffer from certain hereditary disorders, such as hip dysplasia and patellar luxation. It is therefore important to pay attention to the health of the parents when breeding this breed.


The Keeshond has a thick, fluffy coat that needs regular brushing. It is important to take good care of the coat, otherwise tangles can occur. It is also important to trim the Keeshond's nails regularly and to brush the teeth well. The breed also needs sufficient exercise and mental challenge, such as brain work.

All in all, the Keeshond is a cheerful, intelligent and sociable dog. With the right upbringing and care, this breed can be a real addition to the family!

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