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Japanese Spitz


The Japanese Spitz, also known as the Nihon Supittsu, is a breed that originated in Japan. The breed was created by crossing several Spits breeds, including the Samoyed, Chow Chow, German Spitz and the white Keeshond. The Japanese Spitz was initially bred as a companion dog and guard dog. In the 1920s, the breed was officially recognized by the Japanese Kennel Club and became more popular among the Japanese population.


The Japanese Spitz is known for its lively, active and intelligent nature. They are playful dogs that love to be with their owners and are always up for a game. The Japanese Spitz is also a very loyal and protective dog, making it an excellent watchdog. The breed is highly intelligent and has a high learning capacity. It is therefore important to provide consistent training, otherwise the dog can become stubborn and dominant.


In general, the Japanese Spitz is a healthy breed. However, it is important to have the dog checked regularly for conditions such as hip dysplasia and eye disorders. The white coat also predisposes the Japanese Spitz to skin problems, such as allergies. It is therefore important to brush the dog regularly and check for skin problems.


The Japanese Spitz has a thick, white coat that needs regular grooming. It is important to brush the dog at least once a week to prevent tangles and keep the coat healthy. However, bathing the dog should be limited as the skin's natural oils may become unbalanced. It is also important to clean the dog's ears and brush the teeth regularly to prevent dental problems.

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