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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog


The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, also known as the Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund, is a large dog breed that originated in Switzerland. The breed originated from a cross between indigenous dogs and the Molossers introduced by the Romans. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog was mainly used as a herder, guard dog and as a draft and pack dog.

In the late 1800s, the Swiss Kennel Club began keeping records of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog pedigree. Since then, the breed has become popular as a companion and working dog.


The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a friendly and loyal dog. The breed is known for its intelligence, obedience and adaptability. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are generally calm and confident, but can also be watchful and protective when needed.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has a natural tendency to guard and protect. It is important to socialize and train the dog at a young age so that it can get along well with other people and animals. With proper training, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog can be a wonderful companion for families with children and other pets.


In general, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a healthy breed. As with many large dog breeds, hip and elbow dysplasia are common health problems. It is important to ensure that the dog gets plenty of exercise and a healthy diet to prevent obesity.

When buying a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, it is important to check whether the breeder has carried out the correct tests on the parent animals. This can reduce the risk of hereditary health problems.


The coat of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is short and dense, with a nice sheen. It is important to brush the dog regularly to remove loose hair and to keep the coat shiny. Bathing is infrequent as the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog's coat is naturally water repellent.

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