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Frisian Stabyhoun

As a dog lover you are probably familiar with the Frisian Stabyhoun. This dog breed from Friesland makes a great companion dog known for its loyalty and gentle nature. But what makes this breed so special?

  • Dimensions: Males 50-53 cm, Females 47-50 cm
  • Weight: Males 20-25 kg, Females 17-22 kg
  • Appearance: Strong, athletic body, thick semi-long coat, expressive eyes, long ears, friendly appearance
  • Care: Regular brushing, sufficient exercise and mental challenges, good nutrition, regular check-ups at the vet


The Frisian Stabij is a special and old dog breed, which originated in Friesland and has existed since the 17th century. At that time, the Stabij was mainly used as a versatile farm dog. The dogs guarded the yard, hunted vermin and helped herd cattle. The name "Stabij" is a shortening of the Frisian "stand by me", which emphasizes that this dog was a faithful companion and support for the farmer.

In the 1940s and 1950s, the Frisian Stabyhoun was threatened with extinction. Fortunately, a group of enthusiastic enthusiasts emerged who are committed to preserving this beautiful breed. Thanks to their efforts and dedication, the Frisian Stabyhoun is now a popular dog breed again, not only in the Netherlands but also abroad.


The Frisian Stabyhoun is known for its friendly and gentle character. These loyal companions love company and enjoy participating in family activities. They are intelligent and easy to train, making them suitable for a variety of tasks including obedience training, hunting training and tracking.

To ensure that the Frisian Stabyhoun behaves well, it is important that the owner provides clear leadership. If the dog gets the feeling that he is in charge, he can become stubborn and do his own thing. With a consistent upbringing and sufficient exercise and mental challenges, the Frisian Stabyhoun will grow into a great family dog.


The Frisian Stabyhoun is generally a healthy dog ​​breed. However, as with other breeds, health problems can occur. Common health problems in the Frisian Stabij are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and eye problems.

When you purchase a Frisian Stabij, it is important to pay attention to the health of the parents and to have regular checks carried out at the vet. With healthy food, sufficient exercise and good care, you can ensure that your dog stays as healthy as possible.


The coat of the Frisian Stabyhoun is thick and semi-long, and needs regular grooming. Be sure to brush the coat at least twice a week to remove tangles and loose hair. During the shedding period, it may be necessary to brush the coat daily to remove excess hair. In general, the dog does not need to be bathed unless it has become very dirty.

In addition to coat care, the Frisian Stabij also needs sufficient exercise and mental challenges. Long walks, playing in the garden and doing detective work are activities that the Frisian Stabyhoun enjoys immensely. These dogs love variety and new experiences, so try introducing new games or exercises regularly to keep your dog mentally stimulated.

It is also important to socialize and train the dog sufficiently so that it can behave well in different situations. Start socialization at a young age and introduce the dog to different people, animals and environments. This helps to develop a balanced and confident dog that can handle unfamiliar situations well.


The costs of keeping a Frisian Stabyhoun can vary depending on various factors. Below is an overview of some costs that you should take into account when purchasing and maintaining a Frisian Stabyhoun:

  • Purchase: The purchase price of a Frisian Stabyhoun puppy varies, but is usually between €800 and €1200. The price may depend on the breeder, the lineage of the puppy and availability.
  • Nutrition: Good quality dog ​​food is essential for your dog's health. The costs for this vary depending on the brand and type of food, but count on about € 40 to € 70 per month.
  • Veterinarian: Regular checkups at the vet are important to ensure the health of your Friesian Stabyhoun. Take into account costs for vaccinations, deworming, dental care and any treatment in the event of illness or injury. You may want to consider purchasing pet insurance to cover unexpected expenses.
  • Grooming: The costs for grooming products such as brushes, shampoo, nail clippers and flea and tick products can vary. Count on about $10 to $30 per month, depending on the products you choose.
  • Training: An obedience class or other form of training can be beneficial for both you and your Frisian Stabyhoun. The costs for a training course vary, but are usually between €50 and €150 per course.
  • Necessities: When purchasing a Frisian Stabyhoun, there are a number of one-off costs for necessities such as a dog bed, leash, collar, food and water bowls, toys and a bench. These costs vary, but count on an amount between €100 and €300.

The above costs are only an indication and may vary per situation. It is important to budget well in advance and to take into account possible unforeseen costs. A well cared for and healthy Frisian Stabyhoun will be a great addition to your family and well worth the investment.

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