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Field Spaniel


The history of the Field Spaniel dates back to the 19th century in England. This breed was developed as a hunting dog, bred specifically to work in dense vegetation and swampy areas. Field Spaniels were originally larger than their English Springer and Cocker Spaniel cousins, but over time they were bred smaller to better suit the demands of the hunt.

Over the years, the breed almost became extinct, but thanks to the efforts of breeders in England and the United States, the breed was eventually saved and is now a rare but wonderful breed.


The Field Spaniel is known for its friendly and gentle disposition. These dogs are true family pets and are great with children and other pets. They need a lot of love and attention and do not do well to be left alone for long periods of time.

Because of their hunting instincts, Field Spaniels make great hiking and outdoor dogs. They love to run and play and need plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy.


In general, Field Spaniels are healthy dogs, but like any other breed, they can be prone to certain health conditions. Common problems with this breed include hip dysplasia, ear infections, and eye problems.

It's important to take your Field Spaniel to the vet regularly and make sure he's getting the right food and exercise to stay healthy.


The coat of a Field Spaniel needs a lot of care. It is important to brush their coat regularly to prevent tangles and matting. It's also important to keep their ears clean and their nails trimmed regularly.

In addition, Field Spaniels need a lot of exercise. Regular walks and outdoor play are essential to keeping your Field Spaniel happy and healthy.

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