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Eesti Hagijas

Wildlife enthusiasts who enjoy hunting often find the Eesti Hagijas (also known as the Estonian Hound) to be an excellent companion. This dog is loved for its skills in the field and its loyal disposition


The Eesti Hagijas is a breed that originates from Estonia, where the breed has existed for over 1000 years. It is one of the oldest European hunting dog breeds and is known for its ability to hunt in difficult terrain. The Eesti Hagijas was originally bred as a small game hunting dog and is still widely used for hunting hare, fox and wild boar.


The Eesti Hagijas is a very intelligent and independent dog. He is very loyal to his owner and family, but can be reserved with strangers. The dog has a highly developed hunting instinct and can be stubborn at times, so it is important to spend time on training and socialization. The Eesti Hagijas needs a lot of exercise and thrives best in an environment where it can run and play.


In general, the Eesti Hagijas is a healthy breed. However, they do have some health problems such as hip dysplasia and eye problems. It is important to monitor your dog's health and to visit the vet regularly for checkups.


The Eesti Hagijas has a short, dense coat that does not require much grooming. However, it is important to brush regularly to remove loose hair and keep the coat in good condition. It is also important to keep the ears clean to prevent infections. The dog needs a lot of exercise and should be walked regularly to run and play.

All in all, the Eesti Hagijas is a great choice for people who enjoy hunting and active dogs. It is a loyal companion that likes to play and needs a lot of exercise. With regular care and training, the Eesti Hagijas can be a healthy and happy dog ​​that will enjoy your company for years to come.

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