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Clumber Spaniël


The Clumber Spaniel is an old English breed named after the Clumber Park estate in Nottinghamshire, where the dogs were first bred. The breed was developed in the 18th century and is one of the oldest spaniel breeds.

Clumber Spaniels were originally bred to hunt birds such as partridges and pheasants. Their build is robust and their nose is excellent, enabling them to work in densely vegetated areas and find game. Today, they are mainly kept as companion dogs and make excellent companions for families and individuals.


Clumber Spaniels have a gentle and affectionate nature and are generally friendly and patient with children. They are smart and easy to train, although they can be stubborn at times. They need a lot of exercise and are happy when they can play outside or take a long walk.

Clumber Spaniels are calm and watchful by nature, but they can be reserved around strangers at times. It is important to socialize them properly so that they learn how to deal with new people and situations.


In general, Clumber Spaniels are healthy dogs, but as with all breeds, they can be prone to certain health conditions. Some common problems in the breed include hip dysplasia, eye problems and ear infections.

It's important to see the vet regularly for checkups and to provide a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Making healthy choices can help maintain and improve a Clumber Spaniel's health.


Clumber Spaniels have a thick coat that needs regular brushing to prevent tangles and dirt. Their ears should also be cleaned regularly to prevent infections.

Although the breed loves to play outside, they are not suited to outdoor living due to their love of company. They are dogs that enjoy human company and live best indoors with their owners.

It is important to train regularly and provide plenty of exercise to prevent the Clumber Spaniel from putting on too much weight. Regular exercise and a balanced diet can improve the dog's health

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