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Ciobanesc Romanesc de Bucovina


The Ciobanesc Romanesc de Bucovina, also known as the Bucovina Romanian Sheepdog, is an ancient breed of dog that originated in the Bucovina region of northeastern Romania. The breed was originally bred for guarding flocks of sheep and still has excellent herding abilities. It is a robust and courageous dog that feels at home in mountainous areas.


The Ciobanesc Romanesc de Bucovina is known for its intelligence and devotion to its owner. The breed is very loyal and protects its family with great determination. This dog is great for guarding a property or home, and will always be on the alert to deter intruders. Despite his vigilance, the Ciobanesc Romanesc de Bucovina is a friendly dog ​​that gets along well with children and other pets.


In general, the Ciobanesc Romanesc de Bucovina is a healthy breed, but as with all breeds, health problems can occur. It is therefore important to have your dog checked regularly by a vet and to give him the right treatment in time. Some health problems that can occur in this breed include hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems, and skin conditions.


The Ciobanesc Romanesc de Bucovina has a thick coat that needs regular brushing to prevent tangles. It is important to ensure a good diet and sufficient exercise to prevent obesity. The breed has a natural tendency to guard and protect, so it is important to properly socialize and train your dog. This dog needs a lot of exercise and will thrive best in a home with a large yard or in the countryside.

All in all, the Ciobanesc Romanesc de Bucovina is a great dog for those looking for a loyal, intelligent, and protective companion that will do a great job as a watchdog or keeper. If you are interested in this breed, it is important to do enough research and make sure you have the necessary time and resources to provide this dog with a good life.

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