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Cão Fila de São Miguel


The Cão Fila de São Miguel is a breed of dog that originated on the island of São Miguel in the Azores, Portugal. The breed was used as a guardian of livestock and property. Because of its fearless nature, the breed was also used for wild boar hunting. Today, the Cão Fila de São Miguel is still used as a watchdog and companion dog.


The Cão Fila de São Miguel is known for its courage and independence. He is loyal to his owner and gets along well with children. The breed has a natural guarding instinct and is not easily impressed by strangers. Proper socialization at a young age is therefore important. The Cão Fila de São Miguel has a calm and confident appearance and needs a lot of exercise.


In general, the Cão Fila de São Miguel is a healthy breed. However, as with all breeds, some health issues can occur. One of the most common health problems in this breed is hip dysplasia. It is therefore important when purchasing a puppy to ensure that the parents have been tested for hip dysplasia.


The Cão Fila de São Miguel requires little care. This breed's coat is short and dense, making it easy to maintain. It is important to trim the dog's nails and clean his ears regularly to prevent infections. This breed needs a lot of exercise, so it's important to give him plenty of exercise and regular play.

All in all, the Cão Fila de São Miguel is a loyal and independent dog with a natural guarding instinct. With proper socialization and plenty of exercise, this breed can be a great companion for families with children and for individuals looking for a reliable watchdog.

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