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Border Collie


The Border Collie originates from the border area between Scotland and England, where the dogs were used to herd sheep. The breed originated from a mix of several herding dogs, including the Collie, the Bearded Collie and the Bobtail. The Border Collie is known for its agility and speed, making it ideal for herding sheep over difficult terrain. Today, the Border Collie is still used for herding livestock, as well as a companion dog and sport partner.


The Border Collie is a very smart dog and is known for its high level of trainability. He is an active dog and needs a lot of exercise. Due to his intelligence and energy, he needs a lot of mental and physical challenges to be happy. If you don't plan to put a lot of time and effort into training and keeping your Border Collie entertained, this probably isn't the right breed for you.

Border Collies are loyal and friendly, but can be shy around strangers. They also tend to be vigilant and bark when they hear strange noises. Border Collies also make great companions and are very affectionate with their family.


In general, the Border Collie is a healthy breed. However, as with all dogs, they can be prone to certain health problems such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, eye problems and allergies. It is important to have your Border Collie checked regularly by a vet to detect and treat any health problems at an early stage.


The Border Collie has a thick coat that needs regular brushing to prevent tangles. During the shedding season, the Border Collie's coat may require extra attention to remove loose hair. It's also important to trim the Border Collie's nails and brush his teeth regularly to prevent dental problems.

When it comes to exercise, the Border Collie needs a lot of activity. Long walks, running and playing with his owner are essential to this dog's well-being. Border Collies also need mental challenges, such as training and mind games, to keep learning and mentally stimulated.

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