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Black Mouth Cur


The Black Mouth Cur is a breed that originated in the southern United States, specifically the states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. It is a breed specially bred for hunting and herding cattle. The dogs are well suited to work in the woods and swamps, and their nose is very well developed. Originally they were used to hunt raccoons, squirrels and other small animals. The breed has been bred for over 200 years, and the name "Cur" comes from the English word "cur" which stands for a dog of unknown parentage.


The Black Mouth Cur is known for its loyalty, intelligence, and protective instincts. They are very active dogs that love to work and are always looking for something to do. They are very suitable as hunting dogs and are often used to hunt boar. The dogs have a strong territorial instinct and are protective of their family and property. They are also very sociable and enjoy being around other dogs and people, although they can be a little wary of strangers at times.


In general, the Black Mouth Cur is a healthy breed without many hereditary disorders. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The dogs sometimes suffer from hip dysplasia, which can lead to lameness and arthritis. They can also suffer from allergies and skin problems. It is important to have the dog checked regularly by a vet and to feed a good quality diet.


The Black Mouth Cur does not require much care. They are short-haired dogs that do not shed much. It is important to brush them regularly to remove loose hair and keep their skin healthy. The dogs should be bathed regularly to keep their skin and coat clean. Also don't forget to clean the dog's ears and eyes and trim the nails.

All in all, the Black Mouth Cur is a fantastic dog for active families who enjoy being outdoors and want a loyal companion. If you are planning to adopt a Black Mouth Cur, make sure you are well informed and that you give the dog the attention and care it needs.

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