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Basset Bleu de Gascogne


The Basset Bleu de Gascogne is a French dog breed known for its great hunting skills and keen senses. This breed descends from the old bloodlines of the Grand Bleu de Gascogne and the Saintongeois Basset. It was intended to hunt smaller animals such as rabbits and hares. The breed was originally bred in the Gascony region of southwestern France.


The Basset Bleu de Gascogne is a gentle and affectionate dog known for its stubbornness and determination. It is an intelligent dog that can hunt very well, but is also very suitable as a companion dog. This breed is very social and friendly to other dogs and people, and it is very loyal to its owner.


In general, the Basset Bleu de Gascogne is a healthy breed, but there are some health problems that this breed is prone to. These include ear infections, hip dysplasia, and skin allergies. It is therefore important to regularly check the dog's ears and skin and to ensure a balanced diet and sufficient exercise.


The Basset Bleu de Gascogne has a thick, short coat that requires little grooming. Occasional brushing and bathing is sufficient to keep the coat in good condition. It is also important to regularly clean the dog's ears to prevent ear infections. The Basset Bleu de Gascogne is an active dog that needs a lot of exercise, so make sure you give it plenty of exercise to keep it from getting bored.

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