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Akita Inu


The Akita Inu originates from Japan and descends from an old Japanese dog line. In the past, this breed was used for hunting big game, such as bears and deer. The Akita Inu also served as a watchdog and companion dog. During World War II, these dogs were almost extinct, but luckily they were bred again after the war. Today, the Akita Inu is still a popular breed both in Japan and abroad.


The Akita Inu is known for its dignified and proud character. These dogs are incredibly loyal to their owners and are very protective. They have a strong sense of hierarchy and therefore need a consistent upbringing. They are also intelligent and eager to learn, but also independent. It is therefore important to devote sufficient time and attention to the education of these dogs. When that happens, they are incredibly sweet and loyal pets.


In general, Akita Inus are healthy dogs with an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years. They do, however, have a number of health risks to watch out for, such as hip dysplasia and eye disorders. It is also important to give the Akita Inu sufficient exercise, because otherwise these dogs can become overweight.


The coat of the Akita Inu is thick and fluffy and needs regular grooming. It is important to brush the dog at least once a week to prevent tangles. The nails must also be trimmed regularly and it is important to keep the ears clean. In addition, the Akita Inu needs sufficient exercise. They are active dogs that enjoy long walks and also love to play.

The Akita Inu is a beautiful dog breed with a rich history and a special character. It is a dog that can easily adapt to life in the house, but needs a consistent education. With proper care and sufficient exercise, the Akita Inu can grow into a great companion for life.

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