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The Aidi is a breed of dog that originated in Morocco. The breed was traditionally used by the Berber tribes as a herding dog, guardian of home and livestock, and as a hunter. The Aidi has a strong and muscular physique, which made it suitable for working in the rugged and mountainous regions of Morocco. The breed was first introduced to Europe in the 1960s and its popularity has grown ever since.


The Aidi is a loyal and intelligent dog with a strong protective instinct. He is very loyal to his owner and will do anything to protect him. Despite his protective instinct, the Aidi is also kind and loving towards his family. He has high energy and requires daily exercise to keep him in shape. The Aidi also has a strong hunting instinct and can be independent and stubborn at times.


In general, the Aidi is a healthy breed with few hereditary health problems. As with all dog breeds, it is important to schedule regular vet visits and to feed and care for the dog properly. The Aidi also has sensitive eyes and ears that require regular checking and cleaning.


The Aidi has a thick coat that can withstand the cold and heat. However, he does need regular grooming to keep his coat healthy. Brush his coat regularly to remove loose hair and prevent tangles. The Aidi also needs regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. Daily walks and play are essential to channeling his energy and keeping him mentally stimulated.

In short, the Aidi is a loyal and protective dog with high energy levels and a strong hunting instinct. He is generally a healthy breed that needs regular vet visits, proper nutrition and regular grooming to keep him healthy. If you are looking for a dog with a strong personality and a strong protective instinct, the Aidi is a good choice.

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