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Learning to take better photos of your dog, where do you start?

Of course everyone wants beautiful pictures of their dogs, they are our loyal furry friends and they deserve a lasting memory. But taking good photos is not always easy, as our dogs can be quite active and enthusiastic. Today a blog about dog photography and what you can do to take better photos.

Your dog's eye level

Always stand at eye level with your dog and make sure he is looking straight at the camera. And yes this is easier said than done, because your dog can be distracted quite quickly. But we have a solution for this in tip 2, so that your dog immediately looks nice in the camera.

Snacks for your dog

Bring a snack that your dog loves. Hold it close to your camera so that it immediately looks your way. Be quick to shoot, as your dog will probably want to come right over to you to eat the treat. You often only have a few milliseconds to take a picture, so be prepared.

Stay calm

The busier you are, the more active your dog will become. So be clear in your communication and make sure you stay calm yourself. When you're ready to shoot, you can distract your dog and get busier, but stay calm during all other phases of shooting.

Practice practice and more practice

No one got good at dog photography overnight. That's why you need to practice a lot. But there are useful courses that can help you grow faster. Because if you immediately practice with the right things and learn it right away, it will be even easier to photograph your dog properly.

Take a dog photography course

As explained above, it is best to practice right away. This way your dog immediately knows where he stands and you immediately know how to teach your dog to look good in the picture.

Do you have a smartphone and do you want to learn how to take better photos with it? Then you can follow an online Smartphone course at Sanne van Pet Studio. She has been a dog photographer for over 12 years and shares all her knowledge and experience in her courses.

Or maybe you have an SLR camera? Sanne van Pet Studio has a course for that too. Video lessons teach you exactly what you need to know to better photograph your dog. It is built up in different modules, so that you start slowly and build up to a higher level. Learn to handle your camera, but also exactly what is needed for dog photography. She is also always helpful if you have any questions.


Post-processing sounds very professional and may not be for everyone. But there are also Lightroom Presets that you can use on your phone. You can download the free Lightroom app on your phone and then place one of the purchased presets on it. With this you have a beautiful post-processing of your dog photo with 1 click. This is the most sold post-processing Lightroom Preset for dog photography: Outdoor Preset

These tips will all help you take even better photos of your dog today and be sure to visit Pet Studio's website for more on dog photography.

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